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There is nothing so difficult, or as easy, as writing.


I began seriously writing fiction about six years ago, and then, in 2015, threw caution to the wind and published a novel. Since then, I’ve learned quite a bit and published several more in the genre of Science Fiction romance.

I’ve blogged about that decision on my author site, Future-Fairytales.

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Blog content should do more than generate clicks for a website. It should represent a brand and sell the person behind the blog. That’s my goal with every project I take on.

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My particular skill is in soft-selling your content. I tend to use a light brush on difficult subjects, not a heavy handed approach.

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For the past four years, I’ve been publishing romance, and, just this year, decided to try my luck in the gig economy.

Writing is something I can’t seem to stop doing. I’m constantly putting thoughts down somewhere, so it is a natural transition to do that for a living.

My first novel, Home is the sailor, was published several years back, and it basically marked the beginning of a writing addiction. Since that time, I’ve published a trilogy and small series of novellas.

My hobbies aren’t surprising. I’m a reader. Science fiction is just about my favorite thing in the world whether it’s in a book, on a screen or in a video game.


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